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This full-color booklet, Hallmark Colorways * Collectorís Handbook and Secondary Market Value Guide, 2004 Premiere Edition, in its first printing, is the only guidebook of its kind, and a must for any serious Hallmark collector.

It provides:

v      All of the varied descriptions and unique identifiers of the over 100 colorways created since the earliest beginnings.

v      Color photographs of the colorways, as available, with a color photo of the original model ornament as well!

v      A description of the original and colorway pieces, including original price, stock number, type of colorway, how/where  it was possible to obtain, the artists name, and edition size and current value, if available.

v      FOUR Index listings of all Hallmark colorways produced: by date of release, by name, by series, and by artist, including a handy checklist to record your own colorway collection pieces!

v      Itís the MOST complete colorway resource- the ONLY one that puts all the facts at your fingertips!

Enjoy it, and Happy Collecting!


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